Vastu Shastra at work

Meditation Vastu Vimana - portable meditation structure designed using ancient principles of Vaastu Shastra, Hindu Architecture.

The Ayadi energy calculations are not known to many specialists. "Ayadi" means seeking for the source. Calculated to the energy of the feminine Shakti energy - Divine Mother. These dimensions and pyramid's angle at the top are the keys of Sacred geometry of this structure. It is followed by ancient Indian teachings of sacred architecture. It works as "Space Therapy".

Approximately 80? High x 40? Wide x 40? Long and seats one adult. Vimana is completely enclosed with sheer fabric to protect against insects and has easy flow of air for breathing. Vimana was known in ancient Hindu Shastras (teachings) as flying chariot and as sanctum structure in the temple complex.

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Meditation Vastu Vimana