Meditation Sacred Structure – Vaastu Vimana

When I am in the Vimana, I feel peace. I notice that my body becomes like one "thing". Then I just start paying attention to this "oneness”. Then I dive in and just observe. Om Shanti.


“It feels very light. Heaviness below. As soon as I sat-down, I saw rays of light. Then up over here it opened up like I had no skull. I also felt tingling in my fingers tips. I can sit here for a long time especially with chanting of sound “OM”. I can sit here without effort.”

Swami Sitaramananda

“Here are a few words, trying to describe the experience, sitting in the little “temple”, was like sitting in Badrinath during Puja. OM sincerely Yours”

Thomas Vasudev Zoller, German composer

“For me it was a great experience and I learned much more about Vimanas. In one word: it was sooooo amazing!!! Thank you, thank you so much. Hope to see you in the near future in Paris to have a tea in my atelier. Cordially yours.”

Marlis Ladurée, German-French artist

About this item $333 entire structure with accessories + shipping

  • Designed to deepen your meditation practice. Dimensions: Approx 46 in. High x 6 in. Wide x 6 in. Long
  • Vaastu sacred geometry structure, Good for Pranayama (special yogic breathing)
  • Comes with beautiful Vimana Carrying Bag 46?L x 6?W x 6?H and sacred mat with special design
  • Can serve as altar and your personal shrine
  • Sheer fabric to protect against insects and has easy flow of air, waterproof base
  • Shipping around the globe for additional price address depending

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Meditation Vastu Vimana