Vedic Architecture Projects

Mandodari Consulting successfully practices Sthapatya Veda and Vaastu Shastra internationally. Our clients are in the United States, India, Ireland, Australia and Russia.

    Vaastu Architectural Design - Mandodari International LLC Team

  • Horse Barn - Maryland Project, Year 2012-2014

  •  Furniture layout per Vaastu Shastra – Pennsylvania Project, Year 2012
  • Project in West Bengal, India, Year 2008

Residential house under construction in West Bengal, India. Designed per Sthapatya Veda and Ayadi Calculations. House construction is still in progress.
Mandodari Consulting provided Ayadi calculations, floor plan layout and schematic elevations. We work closely with our clients on all details of design to get the best results

Project in West Bengal

Detail drawing of the floor plan, explaining some important elements of Vedic Architecture.

Puja for the new house

Project in West Bengal

Project in West Bengal

Construction progress

Project in West Bengal

South Elevation - March 2009

  • Project in The USA, Year 2008

Mandodari consulting provided Ayadi calculations and schematic floor plan design.
Design work is in progress.

Plot evaluation sample

  • “Flats for Health” - Project in Siberia, Russia, Year 2008

Mandodari LLC provided Vaastu consulting for a large new residential community near Omsk, Russia. Project was named “Flats For Health”. Several architectural companies and individual architects were competing with innovative design ideas, but Vedic Design was the most impressive approach and judges nominated our team for the first prize.
Olga Mandodari worked in collaboration with Svetlana Litcova, Vastu consultant (VastuCenter) and a Russian Architect. Team successfully won this completion. After all we became friends.

Flats for Health

Proposed Condominiums – “Flats for Health”

  • Artist project in Ireland, Year 2008

Provided Ayadi Calculation for a painting fame. The image below represents only a sketch for the future Lakshmi painting.
Concept of Vaastu Purusha Mandala was implemented for the calculations of the frame. .

Concept of Vaastu Purusha Mandala

"Shri Maha Lakshmi Paduka"

Original painting by Piitaa.

  • Project - Ayadi Calculations for Mount Soma Community, North Carolina, USA under Dr. Michael Mamas, Year 2008


Mandodari Consulting provided Ayadi calculations for several new buildings at Mount Soma Spiritual Community and the Learning Center where Dr. Michael Mamas is a Spiritual Teacher.


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