Ayadi Calculations

Ayadi Goals

  • “Veda is concerned with the structure of the macro and micro universes and rebuilding the same on Earth.” Sthapatya Veda, p. 257.
  • To calculate a house which is in vibrational resonance with “the divine order and rhythm of creation” or the environment.
  • To reach vibrational resonance of the house’s encapsulated space and inhabitants’ inner space.
  • To bring health, wealth, peace and spiritual bliss to inhabitants of the house.

Ayadi Tools and Sources

Mathematical calculations – Ayadi is based on the numerical measures of wavelengths of OM Light (Light Energy) and OM Sound (Sound Energy).

Tools and sources:

  • Vedic Astrology - finding the Nama Nakshatra or birth star
  • Astronomy – finding a Powerful Star effecting energy vibration of a new born baby
  • Sources – Vaastu Shastra , Shilpa, Agama Shastras
  • Brahmarishi Mayan is the first Viswakarma who taught Ayadi calculations and Shastras

Ayadi is a technological application for building design and construction.

“Adi - Ay” stands for “to analyze the primal energy “Adi” => “Ayadi” or calculation of wave length (in a form of concentric squires) and to find positive benefits.

The perimeter of the primal energy particle, Paramanu was measured and used as proportional base in building’s perimeter calculations.

The perimeter is the measure of consciousness.

It can be positive or negative. When using Ayadi, only positive measures (numbers) are used in the building construction.

These numbers are “auspicious.”

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“Every living being possesses qualities and characteristics of a particular star at the time of birth – Birth Star.”

“To find the number relating to each star and analyzing its wave length as good and bad comprises the essence of ‘Ayadi Gananam.’” Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

That number or wave length of the building's perimeter will match the Birth Star’s wave length or inhabitant’s wave length creating resonance and harmony of both.

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Various Types of Ayadi Calculations

Different types of Ayadi calculations involve different aspects:

  • 6 Major aspects – SHADAYADI
  • 10 Major aspects – DASAYADI
  • 16 Major aspects – SHODASAYADI

Shadayadi is good for domestic construction.

Shodasayadi is good for temples and deities.

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6 Aspects – SHADAYADI

  • Aayam (income)
  • Vyayam (expenditure)
  • Yoni (direction of energy waves)
  • Varam (day of a week)
  • Amsam (quality)
  • Nakshatra (birth star)

Ayadi Practical Application

The perimeter of the building is most important measure to create vibrational resonance of all involved energetic spaces:

  1. Cosmic
  2. Earthly
  3. Encapsulated Building’s Space
  4. Human's inner space

Per Ayadi tables, Encapsulated Building’s Space has its own Star based on the perimeter of the building.

Every inhabitant of the building has his/her own Birth Star too.

Per Ayadi, the birth star of a female has to be in resonance with the building’s space first.

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Sick Building

Sick Building. There is a chimney in the middle of the house instead of unobstructed Brahmasthan area.

When the relational number is found between stars (building’s and female’s) from Nakshatra Table, and then that number should be verified with the Paryaya Table. The relational number should have a positive benefit, or positive property (good numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 9). It means that resonance is created.

The same comparisons need to be done with every birth star of every inhabitant of the space. If all birth stars are in a ‘good’ vibrational relationship, then the perimeter of the building can be used for construction.

Vaastu Purusha Mandala should be laid on the floor plan to determine the usage of building's spaces.

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