Vaastu Purusha Mandala
The Mechanics of Life

Vaastu Purusha Mandala is embodied energy.

    • Vaastu is matter
    • Purusha is Energy
    • Mandala is Grid
Primal Energy Grid – Macrocosm

Primal Energy Grid – Macrocosm
Copyright © Olga Sokolova

Primal Energy Grid –  Microcosm

Primal Energy Grid – Microcosm
Copyright © Olga Sokolova

Vaastu Purusha Mandala (VPM) is a “Theater Stage”. It is like the retina of the eye. It is where things happen. Technically, it is a material energy grid (9 x 9 Paramasayka Grid and subtle energy grid 8 x 8 Manduka (frog) Grid) with inherent qualities or an “inherent order in the structure” of the grid.

VPM is the layout of the building, or its blue print.

The tri-dimensional cube is the KARU (egg) and this gets magnified into the universe. This is taken as the basic form or basic pattern of the house. This is called Garbhagriha or Bindu griha.” The cube is the most peaceful form; therefore, it is a recommended shape to be used in the house. It can be rectangular too, but with the specific proportions.

If a designer used any polygon or circle as the pattern of a living space then it is too dynamic for the inhabitants of the house and people have no rest in such a space.

Built space gets filled with energy, and energy’s rhythmic vibration slows down its movement from the center toward the mother walls in a specific order. The energetic Space is the “primal creative element” and the source of Panchabhutas, or the Five Qualities of Built Space.

Space => Air => Fire => Water => Earth

VMP has its own concentric energy belts.


Energy Grid
House Floor Plan

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First Concentric Belt

The center part of the grid is Brahmasthan or Brahma Pada. Brahma Pada is the nuclear energy field of the Mandala where the frequency of vibration is the highest. Therefore, it is only good for special functions, gatherings, celebrations and spiritual activities.

Second Concentric Belt

The next concentric belt is Deivika Pada.

Third Concentric Belt

The next concentric belt is Maanusha Pada.

Fourth Concentric Belt

The next concentric belt is Paisachika Pada. It is the most suitable place to live. It is the slowest energy rhythmic vibration and is closer to the quality of matter.